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Capilano’s Best Take on the World

The lectures are finished, the all nighters have been endured, and the exams were crushed – the class of 2010 Capilano School of Business is Graduating! A collective fist pump rolls across the hundreds of grads who are leaving our sprawling campus for opportunities, careers and paycheques, but that can wait for at least one more night. Tomorrow night the class, some supportive faculty and local businesses will gather at the Pinnacle Hotel to celebrate their achievements. The event will be the first ever Capilano University Grad celebration, and promises to kickoff the tradition in a fantastic way. It’s made possible by the initiative of our Business Enterprise President Courtney Lange, and the extreme generosity of our Dean Graham Fane. Both of those people have done so much for the School of Business in their short tenures that a simple listing of accomplishments couldn’t possibly suffice. Graham and Courtney killed it this year. Unfortunately we lose Courtney to graduation this year, but we hope to benefit from Graham for a while yet. I could gush on about the amazing people at Cap, but I’ll embody the collective in the Grad Committee who put in a ridiculous amount of work and stress to this effort – headed up by Saralyn Nickerson. These guys rock.

Clearly I’m pumped for the event, even though it means that we will be losing what is indisputably the greatest grad class that I’ve seen in my near-decade stay at Cap. I may be biased in that I’ve had the opportunity to work with these people longer than most, but the rockstar ratio is ridiculous. We have entrepreneurs who are owning the competition before even graduating, effortlessly brilliant people headed off the world’s most prestigious Universities for graduate studies, and an unbelievable pool of talent that we will all be able to tap long into the future.

Faithful Stoked readers will be familiar with the fact that I will not be one of the victorious few to cross the stage, and some are starting to wonder if I ever will. Next semester I’ll be putting in my application for the mandatory golf cart that comes with 8 years of campus life. Readers will also be familiar with the fact that I somehow manage to squirm my way into as many exciting Capilano events and initiatives as possible, so how’d I pull this one off? Rather than hiding behind a computer screen and ripping on defenseless people and ridiculous issues, this time I’ll be doing it live and in person as the MC of the event. Terrified? That’s probably the correct response; however I have promised to be on my best behavior and will be donning my formal persona for the occasion.

Aside from my barely coherent ramblings, there are legitimate reasons to be excited about the event – the keynote speaker will be Vanoc’s Design Manager Roger Bayley. The man who somehow coordinated over 150 consultants and produced the Olympic legacy that is the Olympic Village. Additionally, local businesses have stepped up and supported our grads, resulting in a fantastic collection of takeaways for the attendees. One of the gifts is redeemable by all Capilano graduates, attending or not: Business in Vancouver magazine has extended a 12 week subscription offer to us, and I have the exclusive pre-release! Check it out here: Business in Vancouver

Have a great time at the event to all who are attending, and I apologize in advance for the MC. Congratulations Grads! Your work has paid off finally; I can’t wait to see you all out there rocking what you do as hard as you did here.

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Cap U Gets CUBED!

It’s finally here! The new semester means lots of new and exciting things, but none as spine-tinglingly awesome as the launch of the business society’s new face. Whether you had heard of CBUS or not is unimportant, it is no more. Like a glorious epiphany, the Cap U Business Enterprise of Students- CUBES -emerged. We are a group of dedicated students who are driven to add value to the Cap Business School through stellar events, networking, resume building opportunities and a real on-campus community. Not to mention the fact that we’re ridiculously good looking and great with kids. No big deal.

If you’re a Cap business student, keep your eyes open; we’ll be in your classes, around the cafeteria and all over campus. If you’re not, you’ll likely see us out in the community soon, volunteering or promoting at events. To find out how you can benefit from CUBES, come down to Birch all this week and talk to one of our executives or shoot me an e-mail. Keep checking back here, too as I’ll be posting the lastest goings on and upcoming events that will benefit you.