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Americans Do Nothing

As predicted, the rate remained unchanged. Does that mean that we’re getting set up for another bubble? Possibly.

The bigger question is: which bubble are we talking about? Speculators are back in the real estate market, driving prices up using the extremely low interest rates as fuel, there’s a possibility that many areas could re-bubble in housing as a result, but not everyone has returned to even early ’00s levels yet.

Gold? Definitely. But this is a bubble that won’t burst, it will slowly sag and then pick up speed only if confidence in a solid base currency returns. The USD doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon, and certainly not the precarious Euro, so how about the basketed Renminbi? Could the communist coin really be the solution? We can only hope that the answer is no, the way that the Chinese have manipulated rates with the limited power that they’ve had until now.

Here’s hoping that I’m wrong and the miraculous Americans can pull somethoing out of their collective hat again and provide some stability to an unstable world.

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